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Full-figured people intimidated by traditional yoga classes; alternatives available (
Tatyana Surenyan-Krech gained a lot of weight when she was taking care of her dying husband. It was a difficult time, and she ate for comfort. Aft ...
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WIMG Web Announcement ()
Where is My Guru is BACK! We are launching our new website and first course of the summer TODAY! Head on over to the new site ...
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How death metal cured my hatred for yoga (
I have always hated yoga - an opinion I kept on the down-low during my years as a health and fitness magazine editor. I wrote and edited countless ...
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Tulasi Talk - Power of Presence ()
Episode 2 of Conversations with T talking about the power of presence.
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Is it worth it? Yoga (
What is it? An exercise, originating in ancient times, that focuses on strength and flexibility and... actually, look, it's yoga. Everyone knows w ...
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Taly & Yoga, a photoshoot at Plank Yoga Studio by The Lunch Box ()
Photography by Elaine Minionis & Rodolfo Vanmarcke from The Lunch Box Studio. Yoga instructor: Taly Ostfeld PLANK YOGA ST ...
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D315 Nose-BSCrooked-BSNBlunt Combo ()
Project Zero: Filming a clip a day from day 365 to day 0. Never thought, Yoga would actually be helpful to improve my skating- balance and breathi ...
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Top Football Coach Ciprian Moscu talks about BeamBlock Yoga ()
BeamBlock Yoga blends yoga and fitness.
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Washington Nationals to host Yoga Night (
Darren Rovell, Sports Business reporter Close's sports business reporter since 2012; previously at ESPN from 2000-06 Appears on ...
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Yoga for Dudes ()
A short student film shot for a Berkeley City College Cinematographe course taught by Natalie Newman. Script by B. Wolff.
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